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                       England Squash Affiliation

Southport & Birkdale Squash Club are affiliated to England Squash.
Our membership of England Squash has benefitted us enormously in the past few years with financial support initially for our court heaters and latterly when we built our show court with a massive £20000 grant towards the fitting out.


All serious squash players should have a look at the benefits of affiliation to England Squash:

If you play a lot of squash you will benefit from personal affiliation.

At only £15.00 the annual fee gives you a number of valuable benefits ESPECIALLY the insurance element.

Benefits include:-

  • Personal accident insurance for squash related injuries. (See note below)

  • £10 million public liability insurance.

  • Exclusive access to video documentaries and Master classes

  • Access to “Raise your Game" series of videos.

  • Full membership of Squash Levels - the ranking system.

  • Discounts from England Squash partners.

  • To affiliate to England Squash go to:- Apply for England Squash affiliation:


Note: The Personal accident cover is particularly good . Most injuries in squash will be covered by the NHS.  But, if you are unfortunate enough to be accidentally hit in the mouth by a racket (a VERY rare event), any dental work required would not be covered and may prove very expensive. 

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