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Coming Soon to Southport & Birkdale Squash Club

The S & B squash section are pleased to announce the appointment of

a new club coach, (Karen) Kaz Leach.

 Kaz is a former professional, World Ranked 24, squash player

with an England Squash Level 3 coaching qualification.

Kaz will be taking charge of our Junior Squash Club

She is also very keen to get more women playing squash.

Kaz will be offering women only training sessions

in groups or individually.

With the cricket season drawing to a close why not have a go at Squash.

Would you like to try a sport you can play all year

round in the best Squash facilities in Southport?

If you are an S & B Sports member you are entitled to use all the facilities.

   Details of training sessions and coaching costs to be announced soon.

First taster session free


Interested? Call Kaz Leach,  Mobile 07813570494

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