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  At Southport & Birkdale Squash Club we use the MYCOURTS online court booking system.  MYCOURTS is a sophisticated system that not only books squash courts but also maintains a player's account and court booking history, hosts internal box mini-leagues, emails booking confirmations to you and your opponent. It also has a broadcast feature that keeps members informed about what's happening in the squash club. For a more detailed list of key features go to:  MYCOURTS KEY FEATURES

To Register for online court booking follow this link     Fill in your details and submit them.

Your registration will be approved after checks have been made on your membership of S & B Sports Club, usually within 24 hours. Your USERNAME, PASSWORD and PIN will be emailed to you.

Your account will have a £1 overdraft limit applied to it (sufficient for booking two courts) To put credit on your account ask for a court booking voucher at the bar. (£5 per voucher, enough for 10 court bookings)NOTE: YOU MUST BE A PAID UP MEMBER OF S & B SPORTS CLUB TO REGISTER.