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Booking a Squash Court
Courts can be booked up to 7 days in advance.
Special Notice Re Court Booking Cost
Although we normally charge 50pence to book a squash court, due to the requirement for contact tracing during the Covid 19 pandemic the booking charge has been suspended until further notice. Booking is therefore free of charge. The information re court booking cost below is not,at this time, relevant. 

To register on our court booking system.  Go to the following URL: Submit your details; registration is normally approved within 24 hours. You will be given a  USERNAME / PASSWORD and PIN number. The username and password are for logging on to the court booking system via a PC or smartphone. Use the PIN number to log on to the screen at the club. You will have a £1 overdraft applied to your account, sufficient credit for two court bookings. To apply credit to your account buy a £5 court booking credit voucher ( enough for 10 court bookings) from the bar.  Apply the voucher number and code to your online account via the "Top up with Voucher" button, any overdraft used is automatically deducted when the voucher number and code are applied to your account. 
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