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First team report vs Bowdon 26th November 2019

With S & B 1st team confidence rising with every fixture; the away match against Bowdon looked like an opportunity to move up the NWCSL First Division table.

 The start of the night’s proceedings was delayed by one of our stars stranding his car on Bowdon’s muddy cricket field.  How did he get there?  Too busy “talking on this phone” was his excuse.  The away supporters came to the rescue and the only thing to suffer was Bowdon’s outfield.

So, with the match under way, Arron Ken faced Olivia Howell.  Yet to record a win this season Olivia started well and took a good lead before Arron sprang into life and clawed his way back to a tie breaker which he should have won but with his loose shots dispatched with deadly drop shots by Olivia, he fell to a 14 /12 loss.  From then on Arron was in control; lots of good rallies but now offering less loose ball. He had to maintain his concentration and stop his opponent from playing.   Result S & B won 3 – 1                Score 14/12   7/11   6/11   8/11

Club captain Matty Sherman played a rising squash star in Jamie Chalcraft. As the final score shows this match was a real battle.  Matty won game one relatively easily, then saw his opponent win game two.  Games three and four were shared to give a decider fifth game. The fifth game went to Chalcraft helped by a very dodgy let from the home marker.

Result S & B lost 3 – 2              Score 4/11   11/2   9/11   11/9   11/9

We’ve seen Bowdon’s Jacob Robinson many times playing against S & B, but we’ve never seen him lose. So, his second-string match against Danny Massaro was going to be a good contest. The quality of squash was outstanding with both players court movement and shot selection making it a stern test for both players.  It only went to three games but all three were a demonstration of superb squash with S & B’s man a worthy winner. 

Result S & B win 3 – 0             Score 6/11   8/11   6/11

Lucas Hughes is getting a reputation for grinding down his opposition with lengthy, hard hitting rallies. This is exactly what he did to Matt Lowery. The rallies were long and fierce with the very rare drop shot winner. Having lost the first Lowery struggled to find the game to control Lucas. He didn’t give in, fighting for every point, but the S & B player wore him down getting a well-deserved victory.

Result S & B win 3 - 0              Score 6/11   3/11   3/11

With the match winning points in the bag the S & B number one Kyle Finch came up against one of the NWCSL’s best veterans in Peter Billson.  Kyle took the first game in a tie break then demolished Billson in the second. Seven points up in the third our man switched off and conceded easy points and the game to an opponent who had all but capitulated. The fourth game was a different affair, with Billson’s confidence now high the fourth game was taken all the way with the S & B player winning on a tie break.

Result S & B win 3 – 1              Score   11/13   2/11   12/10   12/14


Match Result S & B win 4 – 1   Match Points   19 – 5

      This result moves S & B 1st Team up two places int the division to 4th

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