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Match Report v Warrington 1st v S & B 1st 12th November 2019

Team captain, Matty Sherman, had initially picked a team that stood half a chance of going to Warrington and getting a result. But, with our number one, Emyr Evans, reaching the final of a tournament in Canada and Danny Massaro falling foul of some dreaded lurgy or other our final team selection were in trouble against a very strong Warrington squad.
Our most successful club player this season, Arron Ken, kicked off the proceedings with a match against one of the most experienced players in the NWCSL. He could not have played any better against Andy Whipp. It was a good contest with Arron competing in some long rallies;  but Whippy’s enormous experience paid off.
Result 3 – 0             Score     11/7 11/2 11/2
Meanwhile on the next-door court our number 5, Dave Porter, was in for a test up against the highly talented Carlton Oldham. Dave’s efforts to control his opponent were frustrated by many un-returnable shots from Oldham.
Result 3 – 0             Score     11/7 11/0 11/5
Next on the show court was our number one for the night, Kyle Finch, his opponent world ranked 17 Adrian Waller. He played well, narrowly losing the first two games but, despite his efforts, fading in the third.
Result 3 – 0              Score 11/9 11/8 11/3
Matty Sherman faced his nemesis, Emily Whitlock.   World ranked 25 she has exceptional court movement together with her drop shot game plus taking the ball early she seems to thrive against Matty’s power.
Result   3 - 0             Score 11/6 11/4 11/5
The final match of the evening saw Lucas Hughes play world ranked 127,  Rob Downer. I would like to be able to say something nice about this match. But despite the effort of Lucas Hughes to give Downer a game of squash Downer's showboating antics spoiled what could have been a good contest. Hopefully, on the return fixture Downer will have an opponent that will put him in his place.
Result 3 – 0              Score 11/6 11/5 11/6 


Warrington win 5 - 0   Team Points 20 - 0 

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