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A Brief History

Southport & Birkdale Cricket Club built our original two squash courts at the height of the squash boom in the early 1970's as a way of raising money to support the cost of cricket at the club.
Opened in 1974 as the third squash facility in Southport it soon had a full complement of 300 squash playing members. Competition was fierce with, at it's peak, some 30 internal mini leagues.
At the height of the sport's popularity in the 1980's Southport had four squash clubs with a total of 15 courts and thousands of players
With the decline in the popularity of squash in the U.K. Southport has lost all but six courts in three venues; with S & B being the only club committed to the long term provision of top quality squash facilities. This commitment has been recognised by serious squash players from the other local clubs who have moved to S & B for the higher standard of squash and the opportunity to play in the NWCSL (North West Counties Squash League). This increased pressure on our two courts at peak time and a decision was made to apply to Sport England for a grant to build a new glass backed court
In 2014 our grant application was successful and we were awarded a grant of £75000 from the Sport England "Inspired Facilities"fund (money generated by the 2012 London Olympics) we were also awarded an additional grant of £20000 from England Squash to fully fund our new glass back squash court. Work began in June 2015, with a significant amount of extra money raised from social events plus added value work done by volunteer members. The court build was completed and opened in November 2015 by the then World number 1 women's squash player Laura Massaro.

Show Court Opening Ceremony.jpg

 Our Show Court Opening Ceremony with S & B Squash Chairman Brian Birch with

World Number 1  Laura Massaro

For Season 2023/2024 our club has four teams competing in the North West Counties Squash League and we have, in past years, considering our small size, been very successful. In our time we have competed in the NWCSL 1st division on three separate occasions; competing against nationally ranked players. Our best result was to finish second in the league, qualifying for the UK National League (an invitation we could not afford to accept). 
We have had world ranked players in our 1st team including  Daryl Selby WR 16, , Wales No.2 Emyr Evans, Former Women's World No.1 Laura Massaro and husband, elite coach, Danny Massaro. 

We last competed in NWCSL 1st division in season 2019 / 2020. The season was interrupted by the Covid pandemic. Although we finished well up the league table we have not been able to compete in the top league due to lack of finances.


How to Join S & B Squash Club

Southport & Birkdale Squash Club is one of five sections of Southport & Birkdale Sports Club. The club also has a first class cricket ground, four floodlit tennis courts, hockey (which is played at the nearby Greenbank High School) and snooker.
To play squash at S & B you do not join the squash club; you join the Sports club which entitles you to use all the facilities as often as you like. A table of membership cost is below:​

​Subscription Costs for 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025

24 25 Membership Costs.JPG

Example:  From the table above the annual cost of joining as a Single Adult Sports member is £240 (includes House membership)
There are two ways to pay the fee:
1. By a one off payment by cheque or Credit /Debit Card. (Paying this way you get a £10 credit on your membership card to spend at the bar)
2. By Direct Debit  (12 equal payments)
Download a Membership Form  


To comply with the new GDPR data protection laws you must tick the box on the membership application form to agree to your details being held on our system.

Members Guide (FAQs)


Click a link below for all you need to know:-

Getting Involved

Squash Shoes

Access to play squash

Booking a squash court

Court booking cost

Squash court lights / heating (NEW)

Table Tennis

Where can I book a court from?

Changing a Password and PIN

How long are the court sessions?

Cancelling a court

Playing a non-member

Playing on Spec

Squash coaching

The Court is too hot

Who books courts for team matches etc


Southport & Birkdale Squash Club use the MYCOURTS online court booking system.  MYCOURTS is a sophisticated system that:

  • Books squash courts.

  • Maintains a player's account and court booking history.

  • Hosts internal box mini-leagues.

  • Emails booking confirmations to you and your opponent.

  • Has a broadcast feature that keeps members informed about what's happening in the squash club.

  • For a more detailed list of key features go to MYCOURTS KEY FEATURES


To Register for online court booking follow this link:  Fill in your details and submit them. Your registration will be approved after checks have been made on your membership of S & B Sports Club, usually within 24 hours. Your USERNAME, PASSWORD and PIN will be emailed to you.  Since 2021 the squash court booking fee has ben scrapped. So court booking is now free.


Mycourts Registration Form.JPG

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​With your USERNAME and PASSWORD log on.

The court booking screen shows the booked and available courts plus the following options. 

Club Website: Takes you to the club's homepage.

Newsletters: Takes you to all the messages posted on the booking system.

Booking Sheets: Takes you to the pages where you can book courts up to 7 days in advance.

Leagues: Takes you to the Internal Squash Mini Leagues.

Tournaments: Has  details of any club tournaments.

Member's Directory: Takes you to contact details of all the registered players.

Contact Us: Takes you a screen where you can write an email to the system administrator.

Go to Online Booking Screen

MyCourts OnLine Screen.JPG

If you do not have access to a Smart Phone, PC or Tablet you can use the PC Screen by Court 1 to check availability and book courts. It has most of the functions of the online booking screen  and displays all recent broadcast messages.

To log onto this screen you will need your PIN number.

Mycourts Kiosk Screen.JPG

Thanks! Message sent.

Contact Us

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